For clients: looking for help or information about your system?

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SMS-Timing support serviceOur Technical support service guarantees a stable software suite with the latest versions. Basically, you can contact our Technical support department for:

  • Emergencies. You will be helped 24/7, no matter what!
  • Configurations. You need to add a new product to your Booking software, simply ask us
  • Training. You have a question about a particular feature? Just give us a call and we will explain it to you.


When you visit our offices after a certain period, you will participate in a technical workshop. Depending on your business configuration, we will advise and give you training on certain features. The better you use the software suite, the more profitable it will be.

This service is included in the monthly fee. The more you use it, the more you will get!

SMS-Timing technical support.