Karting Timing software

Karting Timing softwareThe SMS-Timing kart race management will assist you in providing high-quality lap times to your drivers.
Even more, you control everything related to your timing: not a single race can be missed because of defective transponder or anything else.
The timing software automatically sends live timing and positions to scoreboards and TV screens.
It can be combined with 3D animations, marketing advertising and TV streams to create a certain atmosphere in your club house.
Members receive a professionally designed printout with their own results.
Moreover, they automatically get an e-mail with their results, including your sponsors’ logo.


Kart race management


Our karting timing software manages all kinds of races and is compatible with all hardware worldwide: AMB MyLaps, Chronelec, Orion-Timing, Chronit, etc. The race management can also be connected with start lights and your ventilation system.


Arrive ‘n Drive

The Arrive ‘n Drive system is developed to use your track and karts in the most effective way, without losing time. Together with you we define a strategy which will be configured in the software, aiming at maximum flow of people for this activity.

The karting timing software is able to set up a race while the previous one is still running. This is part of the whole process of the track marshal taking one group out of their go-karts and putting another one in.

If you wish, you can set up the Arrive ‘n Drive system in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode, meaning in the last case that you do not touch the computer anymore and all the timing and kart assignment is done automatically. You can also assign the karts with a barcode scanner.

When making human mistakes while handling the Arrive ‘n Drive system, you have to remember you can always rectify these problems during or after the race: add a lap, set the start of the race earlier, undo a race finish, reset the minimum lap time and so on.


Timing software SMS-Timing


Kart assignment

There are various ways to assign karts to drivers. Because the combination of comfort and efficiency is crucial in software, we offer you the following possibilities:

timing software kart assignment

  • Manual assignment 1: the track marshal selects the karts and press “Assign”. The selected karts will be randomly assigned to the drivers
  • Manual assignment 2: the track marshal enters the karts via the keyboard. It’s also possible to drag-and-drop each kart onto the driver’s names
  • Manual assignment 3: when a race is full, the track marshal can press “Shuffle” and all available karts will be assigned randomly
  • Manual assignment 4: the track marshal scans the QR code printed on the ticket of a driver, and then scans the code on the kart he’s in
  • Automatic assignment: when a driver passes the timing loop, the software will assign the kart to each driver, since the software knows who sat in which position

Of course, you can work without entering names and each person sits in the karts he wants. They will have to remember the kart number.


Pit Display: who drives what?

Alike the automatic race result email after each session, the Pit Display is included in the Timing software.
Basically, once the track marshal has assigned the go-karts to the participants by easy drag and drops, the name of each driver, his picture and go-kart number appears on a separate screen.

This will smoothen the people flow at the pit and avoid potential chaos. In fact, you don’t want to have to shout names and go-kart numbers to the participants, which leads to mistakes and, by extension, to time and money lost. Just let your customers check which go-kart they drive by themselves.


Planning of the day

Even by using our Timing software alone, you can plan your sessions of the day. It means you can prepare as many sessions as you want up front. You can also go back in time to check statistics from the past or to re-print results. When using the Booking software, the pilots are entered there, so it saves time of your track marshals since they’ll only have to assign the karts, if you work with manual assignment.


Split timing and Pit-in Pit-out

Do you want offer a Formula 1 feeling to your drivers? Our Timing software can handle split timing so that different portions of your track can be timed! We can also measure the time a team spends in the pit, when they switch drivers or fill up the tank.


Automatic karts slow-down

The Timing software can slow-down all the karts during the last lap, individually, just before the pit area. The software uses the average lap time of every driver and will send a signal to a special device to slow-down a kart, X seconds before the pit area. This way, you don’t have to purchase a slow-down loop and the sensor sector per go-kart. In addition to the DeHaardt slow-down system, your track will be much safer! It’s also possible to manually slow-down the karts directly via the software, just like with the remote.


Special features for electric karts

Thanks to the Range extender, speed upgrades can be automated, depending on the lap time of every driver! This way, you can make your track safer, as rookies can be limited in speed and progressively increase their speed.
This device also gives you the status of the battery of your e-karts.


Events and Grand Prix

karting timing event

Our special “Events” module allows you to easily handle groups such as company events and bachelor parties. You can sort the results by most laps, best average, best lap time or points. This allows you to prepare the final in the best possible way. You can even organize your own championship, since the calendar goes back in time!


Race results: what can your customers see?

Our Timing software comes with a professional set of printouts, with clear information regarding each race. Each driver will see his details, lap per lap and his best time and average time highlighted. The all time records (day, week, month, year and ever) are displayed on this paper. It’s possible to set a default amount of printouts to be made and to re-print on demand.


timing software printout

If you go for our Operations package, you will build a customer database. It means you’ll be able to gather many email addresses, allowing the Timing software to automatically send the race results by email to every driver. With our Marketing package, the detailed results are visible on your Facebook app, as well as on the HDTV Display software and the dedicated website plug-ins. The Mobile app allows your customers to instantly get their detailed results on their smartphone! Non-drivers can also follow the race, live from their device!


Other main features

  • Intelligent Passing System (notifies you when something irregular happens)
  • Penalty and bonus system
  • Unlimited number of karts
  • Best time groups (adults, kids, companies, etc)
  • Available for Tablet PC
  • Security levels with staff logins
  • Garage functionality (level warnings, parts, kart driving time)
  • Modern and user-friendly interface


Pay ‘n Go

Linked to the Point of Sale, Pay ‘n Go is made for busy tracks or big centers where staff cannot take care of all the drivers at once. This system allows drivers to go on the track when go-karts are available. The timing software manages several sessions at the same time. This way, you don’t waste any time between sessions and you always have customers on your track all day. You can get close to 100% vehicle utilization.

Do you want to provide a high level of safety to your track, to save personnel costs and to enhance the leisure experience of your drivers? Kart Positioning is the system you are looking for!

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