Karting vouchers

A voucher or coupon is a ticket that holds a certain value and that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product/service.

Kinds of karting vouchers

Karting gift voucher Vouchers are a very flexible marketing product.

It is possible to create everything you need. They can be sold to several kinds of customers:

  • Individuals: free races, invite a friend, gift certificates, discounts, promotions, etc.
  • Special events: invitations for bachelor and birthday parties
  • Companies: purchased in large quantities at a low individual price


How can vouchers be used?

With the Office Light software, you will be able to set your voucher campaigns. You can create the following:

  • Products
  • Credits
  • Discounts
  • Points
  • Money

Example: vouchers from n°5 000 to 6 999 contain 1 free race.

From now, you can start selling vouchers and keep track of them.

Example: vouchers from n°15.000 to 15.499 are sold to COMPANY A sold by employee X, 15.500 to 15.599 to COMPANY B by employee Y.

When a voucher is coming back, you simply have to scan it and the system will tell you exactly which product(s), credits, points or monetary value is linked to the voucher. At any moment, you can extract a report of which vouchers are sold, how many already came back, etc. This will give you a clear overview of your marketing campaign.

Secured system

Thanks to a unique number and barcode, fraud is impossible. You have full control over your vouchers sales. It also makes the follow-upeasier.

Voucher printing

Voucher printingOur designers can take care of your voucher’s style and design. A professional voucher with a nice and attractive design will have a lot more appeal to be sold. We can do the encoding, the printing and we deliver your vouchers on time.